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Executive Director's Message

​​Welcome to 1FSS careers page!

One of our missions is to be an employer of choice by igniting opportunities for employees to achieve success as an individual and as one public healthcare family.

Our professionalism, coupled with a strong personal touch enhances the probability of success to be an employer of choice and the best place to work in. Our goal is to create a long-lasting employer-employee relationship, which will translate into long term winning strategies and exponential growth for both the company and our employees.

However, we know that finding the right candidate is not just about the right skill set. At 1FSS, we understand that having the right chemistry and purpose with our candidates is paramount in ensuring a good match.

To ensure success, we believe in hiring people who are aligned with 1FSS' core values and with specialised experience. If you are keen to explore a career with us, we welcome you to contact us. We look forward to have you as part of the 1FSS family!